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As part of our requirements with a number of our accrediting organisations, as well as a legal requirement in certain cases, we are required to have Garda Vetting completed for all relevant staff and students, before they commence employment/classes with us.

While you may already be Garda Vetted as part of your work and/or involvement with other organisations, Garda Vetting is currently still organisation-specific and therefore needs to be completed for us. The Garda Vetting Office have moved to the e-Vetting System, so the process may be slightly different to what you are used to.

The process is:

  • Initial Steps:
    • Complete the Vetting Invitation Form (NVB 1), using the guidelines in the included at the start of the form. (See bottom of this page)
    • We need to have on file “Evidence of Identification”. This involves achieving 100 points on the Garda Vetting Identity Checklist. You must send us (by scan or photocopy) the items of evidence that you are using to achieve the 100 points. (See bottom of this page)
  • Next stage:
    • Submit the completed application form, checklist and accompanying evidence to us at or by post to the address below.
    • Provided the documentation is correct, we will process the application.
    • You will then receive an email from the Garda Vetting Bureau, inviting you to complete the rest of the process online.
    • There is a strict deadline of thirty days after which the invitation will expire and the process will have to recommence (involving additional costing), so you must go online and complete the process as soon as possible after receiving the invitation.
    • Once you have completed the online process, your Garda Vetting application will be processed by the Garda Vetting Office.
  • Disclosure Stage:
    • Once your Garda Vetting Application has been processed, you will be sent a copy of your disclosure (the name given to the results of the vetting process).
    • You then approve the disclosure or appeal, at your discretion.
    • Once you have approved the disclosure, we then receive a copy of it.
    • Once we receive your disclosure, it will be reviewed and the process will then be complete.

You should now complete the Garda Vetting process, using the forms available below.

Should you require any additional information on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone 014966933 - Option 2.

We also ask that, should you encounter any difficulties/problems/issues at any stage throughout the process, you make contact with us straight away so that we can work with to resolve matters promptly.


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