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In the current environment a public ambulance may not be available immediately to carry out the transfer. In many cases a private ambulance may be available earlier, for non-emergency transports only.

Why not contact Medicall Ambulance on 1890 666 999 to see if we can help?

Private health insurers cover many typical ambulance transports.  An ambulance operator will tell you immediately if you are covered or not. Even if your insurer does not cover the transport, the cost can normally be offset against your tax liabilities.

Remember, in almost all cases, you have a choice of ambulance operator.  Raise your concerns with the operator in the first instance.  If you are still unhappy, take the matter up with your health insurance company. If you don’t complain the problems you encountered will persist! Please see here for further details.

Costs will obviously vary between operators and will depend on time and distance. Check if your operator has a base near you - this will substantially reduce your costs. Local trips may be less expensive than you might expect.

All ambulance operators offering services to the public, of whatever nature, must be accredited to the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council. Check the PHECC website ( for details.  There could be public liability issues if your operator is not accredited.

Accreditations/Partners - Ambulance

Accreditations/Partners - Training