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IMG 2321-WebWelcome to the Ambulance Services area of our website. 

Medicall Ambulance Limited is a PHECC (Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council) accredited Ambulance Service and Training Institute. 

Established in 1993, Medicall Ambulance Ltd is, by far, the longest established private ambulance company operating in Ireland.

Today, we are the only private ambulance service approved by all the major private health insurance companies and statutory bodies throughout Ireland, and the only combined, independent, PHECC accredited ambulance service operator and training institute in Ireland with bases all across the country.

As a result of external clinical audits carried out on our operations, and the recognition of our high standards, we have been appointed as the sole provider of ambulance services to many of the private and voluntary hospitals in Dublin, Cork and elsewhere. We are delighted to have achieved Joint Commission International accreditation in May 2014.

With a large fleet of modern vehicles, fully equipped to the highest European safety standards and crewed by our experienced, dedicated team of Advanced Paramedics, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), we have a clear advantage when it comes to caring for the needs of our patients and clients.

Our team of Dispatchers are specifically trained to deal with your medical and transportation requirements.  Our state-of-the-art CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) provides unrivaled support in responding accurately and efficiently to requests for our services. Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) in our ambulances provide accurate routing, vehicle tracking, allow for electronic patient care reporting (ePCRs) and detailed journey reporting. 

The entire process is supported up by our experienced and dedicated Operational Management Team, our Medical Director and our Supervisory Team who ensure quality of service and excellence in clinical standards always.

Medicall Ambulance Service offers a broad range of services - from an individual EMT at a small private gathering all the way up to a fleet of front-line emergency ambulances staffed by Advanced Paramedics at major public events.

We operate from bases all across Ireland providing our services to:

  • Public, Private & Voluntary Hospitals Nationwide.IMG 2103-Edit
  • The Health Services Executive (HSE) - all Regions.
  • All Major Private Medical Insurance Companies.
  • International Air Ambulance Medical Repatriation Companies.
  • Individual Patient Transport Requests.
  • Sporting Events / Fixtures.
  • Music Concerts / Festivals.
  • Film & TV Set / Location Medical Services.
  • Private Parties / Events.
  • Corporate Fixtures.

We are adept at tailoring our services to meet your clinical and patient transport needs. We can help you - no matter what your requirements.  Why not call us today on 1890 666 999 (International phone +353 1 66 11 666)?

image3.jpgMedicall Ambulance Service has strict recruitment procedures in place selecting only those candidates who demonstrate excellent clinical ability, exemplary professional ethics as well as compassion, empathy and understanding for those in their care, often in difficult circumstances.

All Medicall Ambulance Service staff are security cleared and and vetted by An Garda Siochána's (the Irish Police Force) Central Vetting Unit.

All operational EMTs, Paramedics & Advanced Paramedics are registered with the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) and are authorised by them to operate to their latest Clinical Practice Guidelines (2017 CPGs - Updated February 2018).

All EMT, Paramedic & Advanced Paramedic drivers have successfully completed the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) Level 1 Advanced Driving Course and/or ESDS Level 1/2.

As a leading provider of professional ambulance services, all Medicall Ambulance staff companywide are committed to lifelong learning and Continuous Professional  Development.  Most of this training can now be provided 'in-house' by our Training Institute where they regularly engage in training and recertification programmes (see our Education tab on this site).

Medicall Ambulance Service have a strict uniform policy requiring staff to clearly display photographic identification and carry PHECC registration cards whilst on duty. You can check any Practitioner's registration details here.

LHS Front

Medicall Ambulance has recently placed into service a fleet of new Renault Master ambulances and ambucars. These ambulances are among the first to be registered in Ireland under EU Regulations on 'Whole Vehicle Type Approval' (see here for details: RSA Website). Their introduction allows Medicall Ambulance to remain at the forefront of ambulance service delivery in Ireland.

Our ambulances are designed and built to our own unique and exacting specifications. The versatility of this 'fit-out' permits us to transport incubators, intra-aortic balloon pumps and other, often difficult to transport, items of medical equipment safely and securely.  Knowing this, our client hospitals' Clinicians routinely engage us to transfer seriously ill patients with the peace of mind that comes from using standard hospital equipment they know and are familiar with.

Our fleet is fully equipped to the highest national standards for emergency ambulances and subject to regular audits and inspections by the various private health insurers, client hospitals and statutory agencies.

  • 100% of the fleet is dynamically tested and 'certified' to CEN 1789/2000 Standard*
  • 100% of our fleet is fitted with air conditioning for patient comfort.
  • 100% of the fleet is fitted with air suspension for safety and patient comfort.**
  • 100% of the fleet is bariatric-capable (up to 318kg/700lb).
  • Average fleet age of 2 years.
  • All vehicles are equipped with EURO 5 & 6 turbo diesel engines - the latest environmentally friendly engines available.


LHS Ramp

*Medicall Ambulance Service is the only ambulance service in Ireland to operate a CEN (EN 1789/2000) 'certifed' fleet of ambulances.
**All vehicles are fitted with air-suspension allowing a smooth and comfortable journey especially over longer distances.


Some images of some of the brand new vehicles we have rolled out this year, our latest additions to the fleet:

Med 54 




We, in Medicall Ambulance Service, are known for our willingness to source and invest in new technology and innovative techniques to deliver the safest services possible.  We continuously seek out new and improved diagnostic, therapeutic and patient comfort equipment from across the world.

Recent examples of this unique approach to top class service delivery include:

IMG 1230-EditThe LIFEPAK® 15
The LIFEPAK® 15 cardiac monitor/defibrillator has 12-lead ECG capabilities and can provide ST-trending for STEMI patients - allowing early detection of potentially life threatening changes in a patient's cardiac condition. The device is also capable of cardio-version, pacing, monitoring of SpO2, carbon monoxide and methemoglobin levels and provides non-invasive blood pressure monitoring - all on board an ambulance on its way to an Emergency Department.

The LIFEPAK® 15 also provides the facility for the ambulance crew to transmit details of a patient's condition direct to the Receiving Hospital/Facility enabling rapid diagnosis and allowing care planning to commence as early as possible.

Medicall Ambulance were the first ambulance service in Ireland to deploy the LIFEPAK® 15 across its entire fleet.

Electrically Operated Stretchers
Medicall Ambulance was the first ambulance service in Europe to introduce the Stryker Power PRO TL electrically operated ambulance stretcher.  With a 318kg/700lb capacity, these stretchers can safely assist with bariatric patients using the Stryker XPS system, vastly improving patient comfort and crew safety in all circumstances by removing the need for crews to physically lift a patient.

Intra-aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) Locking System & Emergency Back-Up Power Supply
In co-operation with major cardiac catheterisation laboratory staff, Medicall Ambulance Service have designed a patented locking system which safely secures these vital devices during emergency transports. Cleverly designed to keep pump and stretcher from separating at all stages of these critical transfers, this system is unique to Medicall Ambulance and is not available to our competitors.

All our vehicles are fitted with inverters allowing us to provide 220/240v power supply during the transport. This removes the need to rely on battery power alone, provides system redundancy and vastly improves patient safety.

Why not call us to discuss your facility's patient transport needs today?

Q When I hire an ambulance what can I expect?

A: The ambulance and crew should be fit-for-purpose, spotlessly clean and all patient care equipment should be in perfect working order. The ambulance should arrive on time and the crew should seek to be properly briefed by nursing staff or family members on the condition of the patient when they arrive.

The crew may elect to carry out a full medical assessment of the patient prior to transport.

Q. What about infection control and hand-hygiene?

A: Hand hygiene is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the simplest and most effective way of preventing the transmission of infections such as MRSA and C.Diff.  The crew should follow strict infection control procedures and have ready access to hand hygiene facilities on board their ambulance.

Don't be afraid to ask them if they have washed their hands!

Medicall ambulances now carry single-use fully disposable bed-linen as a further barrier to cross-infection.

Q: Is the operator properly accredited to provide an ambulance service?

A: All ambulance operators offering services to the public, of whatever nature, must be accredited by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council. Check their website here.  If your chosen operator is not present they are NOT accredited.

N.B. There could be serious public liability issues for the Hirer of a non-acccredited ambulance service in the event of an accident or incident requiring the treatment of a patient.

Many of the private ambulance services are now accredited by the US standards organisation the Joint Commission International (JCI) or a UK based organisation, CHKS. These standards are intended to ensure very high standards in all areas of ambulance operations.  Check your provider is accredited to one of these organisations.

Q: Are the crew properly qualified?

A: All ambulance crews are obliged to carry their PHECC Practitioners Licence under the terms of private health insurance contracts.  Picture identification should also be prominently displayed.  Its easy to check a crews bona fides. Go to the PHECC website, here, and simply enter the crew member's surname.

If you have any doubts feel free to ask, genuine crews will be only too happy to produce their identification.

N.B. Ambulance crews may only treat patients and administer medications if they are employed directly by a PHECC accredited ambulance service. They cannot operate independently nor as 'sub-contractors'.

Q: Is the vehicle fit-for-purpose?

A: Generally, the ambulance must conform to the lower of the European CEN1789/2000 standards - i.e. it must be 'Compliant', less than 6 years old and have travelled less than 100,000 miles. 

More modern ambulances (April 2012 onwards) must conform to a higher safety standard under European Regulations known as 'Whole Vehicle Type Approval' (ECWVTA) - see here for details.

If in doubt ask the operator for documentary evidence.

Q: Are you dissatisfied with the service provided?

A: Remember, in almost all cases, you have a choice of ambulance operator.  Raise your concerns with the operator in the first instance.  If you are still unhappy, take the matter up with your health insurance company. If you don't complain the problems you encountered will persist. Please see here for details of how to make a complaint.

Q: What about the cost?

A: Costs will obviously vary between operators and will depend on time and distance. Check if your operator has a base near you - this will substantially reduce your costs. Local trips may be less expensive than you might expect.

Q: Can I claim from my Private Health Insurance?

A: Private health insurers cover many typical ambulance transports.  An ambulance operator will tell you immediately if you are covered or not. Even if your insurer does not cover the transport, the cost can normally be offset against your tax liabilities.

Medicall Ambulance has direct payment arrangments with all the major health insurance providers.

Q: A relative has been discharged from an Emergency Department / Hospital Ward. How do I get them home quickly?

A: In the current environment a public ambulance may not be immediately available to carry out the transfer. In many cases a private ambulance may be available earlier, for non-emergency transports only. 

Why not contact Medicall Ambulance on 1890 666 999 to see if we can help?