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0818 666 999 (Ambulance Control 24 hrs)

(01) 496 6933 (Enquiries/Admin 09:00-17:00)

Cork – Combined CPC Short Courses Session

Our Combined CPC Short Courses Session is designed to offer participants three of our short courses in one day. The three courses offered during this session are:


Airway Management:

Component Content:  This course reviews the anatomy & physiology of the airway, and provides an overview of the use of basic & advanced airway adjuncts. Hints and valuable tips are included in this highly interactive course.  Why not use this opportunity to get some hands-on practice and improve your skills.


Management of Major Bleeding & Shock:

Component Content: Not for the faint hearted! This highly innovative course teaches useful tips and tricks for dealing with catastrophic bleeding, haemorrhage control and shock. 


Introduction to IV Therapy:

Component Content:  This interactive workshop introduces students to gaining IV access and delivering fluids/medications by IV.  


How to apply: For further information please e-mail  training@medicall.ie or phone (01) 4 966 122 or click Book a Course.

Management of Major Bleeding and Shock














Airway Management

Introduction to IV Therapy