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GEMS has been designed to prepare EMS practitioners to respond to the unique challenges and needs of an older patient. The course aims to empower practitioners with geriatric specific training to help them improve the medical outcomes and quality of life for these patients.

Significant highlights of the 2nd edition course include:

 -   8-hour “core” provider course. Recognizing the critical importance of Geriatric EMS education to quality patient care, the committee wanted to offer a course framework with flexibility to meet the needs of all EMS practitioners. The 8-hour GEMS Core Course is designed for a combined BLS/ALS classroom for all EMS students. 
 -   Geriatric specific information included in the lectures. While still maintaining a scenario-based approach with emphasis on the GEMS diamond, the PowerPoint lectures include slides that highlight geriatric specific content such as fall prevention, epidemiology, polypharmacy and more. The lectures provide core knowledge to ensure a foundation of understanding for the scenarios, and ultimately for assessing and treating patients. 
 -   All lectures provide one or two case scenarios that enhance participant involvement and discussion. 
 -   Lecture on Disasters and the associated needs of older patients. This lecture discusses the unique challenges that are specific to the geriatric population in disasters and EMS logistics associated with them. 
 -   Lecture on Mobile Integrated Healthcare-Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP) and the opportunity to make a difference with older patients. This lecture discusses the identification of patients who would benefit from MIH-CP and the EMS role in patient advocacy. 
 -   Videos covering Elder Abuse, MIH-CP and Trauma. These videos provide real world situations that providers could encounter and demonstrate proper communication, assessment and patient care. 


Ultimately this course will enhance the competence, confidence and compassion of EMS practitioners in responding to geriatric patients. GEMS also offers a solid supplement to initial EMT and paramedic curriculum, helping educators reinforce the affective domain while incorporating strong cognitive and psychomotor components.


Outcome: Certification from NAEMT

8 CPC Education Hours.

Course Fee:  Per group costings can be discussed with the office.

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