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PTEP has been designed to give EMS practitioners the resources they need to help alleviate patients’ hidden wounds – intense fear, stress and pain – during a medical emergency.

PTEP educates EMS practitioners about the biological underpinnings of psychological trauma, the short and long-term impact on the brain and body, and warning signs that a patient is experiencing extreme psychological distress. EMS practitioners are also taught strategies and techniques to alleviate patients’ distress and help patients cope with what they’re experiencing to ward off lingering effects.

Psychological Trauma in EMS Patients

The 8-hour classroom course features scenario-based interactive sessions and lectures. Topics covered include:

 -   The invisible wounds of psychological trauma
 -   Reducing psychological traumatic stress 
 -   Understanding the physiological stress response
 -   Applying the eSCAPe principle to patient care 
 -   Patient simulations 
 -   Recognizing psychological trauma within EMS 

PTEP is designed for EMS practitioners and other prehospital providers.


Outcome: Certification from NAEMT

8 CPC Education Hours.

Course Fee:  €185

How to apply: For further information please e-mail or phone (01) 4 966 933 (Option 2) or click on Book a Course.


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