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Course Aim: The PHECC FAR Instructor Course is designed to teach the methods to effectively instruct others in PHECC FAR courses, which is now the standard required by the Health & Safety Authority for first aid courses in the workplace.

Course Structure: The FAR Instructor Course is of two days duration and essence of this course is to become proficient in running FAR/First Aid Courses.

During the course you will practice facilitating a class with lots of role play. The course is building on class facilitation. 


Course Content Overview:

Practical skills examined include: 

 -   Adult, Infant and Child one person CPR 
 -   FAR Skillsheets 
 -   Recovery Position 
 -   AED Training 
 -   Instructional Techniques 


Eligibility Criteria:

In order to attend the course, you must: 

 1.   Hold a valid (in-date) CFR Instructor Certificate (either Community or Advanced level) 
 2.   Be at least 18 years old 
 3.  Hold a valid (in-date) FAR Certificate 
   Hold a valid (in-date) EFR Certificate 
   Be a PHECC-registered EMT/Paramedic/Advanced Paramedic 
   Be a Registered Doctor or Registered Nurse 


Monitoring: There will be a period of monitoring following the completion of the two course days. The content and duration of the monitoring will be candidate specific and will be discussed with each candidate during the course.

Course Tutors: Instructors are practiced PHECC Practitioners with many years experience in delivering this course.

Course fee: €545 per student.

How to apply: For further information please e-mail or phone (01) 4 966 933 - Option 2 or click Book a Course.