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Course Content:  Due to the nature of the work that is invovled in Emergency Care, especially in the Pre-Hospital setting, it is hardly surprising that Stress and PTSD are so prevalent in care providers.

Much publicity has been generated around this topic in the last few months, with a high number of accidents and losses of life.

How many of us have dealth with cases (traumatic and/or medical) that remain vibrant in our thoughts/dreams weeks, months or even years later due to the impact that they had on us?

As a profession, we need to look after each other to ensure that we can reduce the effects of stress in whatever way possible.

This course seks to help achieve this by offering up an insight into the whole area of stress in the Pre-Hospital setting, with topics covered including:

 -   What is Stress? 
 -   How can we recognise Stress in ourselves and others? 
 -   What can we do to reduce Stress? 
 -   What help is available for those suffering from Stress? 
 -   Ways to reduce the stigma associated with admitting to being under Stress 

Course Format:  This course is delivered using the blended learning concept. Participants will attend a combined theory and practical session, delivered over three hours. Once they have completed that session, they will be given access to our Online Learning Platform, where they will find learning resources and a short quiz. Once they have completed the quiz, they will be asked to provide some feedback on the programme and they can then access their certificate online.

Tutors: PHECC Practitioners, Guest Speakers.

Outcome: Certificate of Attendance

3 CPC education hours.

Course Fees: €30. Group discounts are available.  See below for contact details.

How to apply: For further information please e-mail or phone (01)4966933 (Option 2) or click Book a Course.