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The EMT-BTEC (Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Tactical Emergency Care) course is delivered over a three and a half hours and is designed to cover the skills and associated knowledge approved for EMT-BTEC under the PHECC CPGs. The course is open to all EMTs. Those who operate on behalf of an EMT-BTEC approved service provider and are privileged by that provider will be able to implement the skills upon successful completion of the course. Those EMTs who are not privileged to operate at EMT-BTEC can attend the course as a CPC course.

Course Aim: To cover the content (skills and knowledge) allowed under PHECC CPG Standards for EMT-BTEC.

Course Content: The skills covered on the course include Tourniquet use, NPA application and Wound Closure Clips. 

Course Tutors: All tutors are experienced PHECC Practitioners.

Course Fees: The course fee is €60 in Dublin and €70 outside Dublin.

How to apply: For further information please e-mail or phone (01) 4 966 933 (Option 2) or click Book a Course to apply immediately.

CAT Tourniquet   NPA   Wound Closure Clips