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0818 666 999 (Ambulance Control 24 hrs)

(01) 496 6933 (Enquiries/Admin 09:00-17:00)

Web Resources

Useful Websites & Video Clips:

N.B. Please be aware that most of the following sites are US or UK based, therefore, the protocols and procedures shown may differ in some respects from Irish CPGs.  In all cases PHECC CPGs will take preference. If in doubt consult your Instructors.

These sites are suggested as additional study aids to help you broaden and deepen your knowledge of the various body systems and the skills taught at your classes. They should not be used as a substitute for your prescribed textbooks, course notes or in-class materials.

They may also prove useful to you as points of reference and revision after you finish your time with us.

–          The US Journal of Emergency Medicine (JEMS)         

The internationally recognised website contains useful video clips and articles on developments in emergency pre-hospital care.

–          EMS1

A similar site to the above with videos and quizzes on emergency pre-hospital care.

–          PHECC

The Irish pre-hospital emergency care regulator.

–          Paramedic EMS Zone

A US site with some useful Paramedic revision sites available free.

–          EMT EMS Zone

A US site with some useful EMT revision sites available free.

–          Jones & Bartlett Learning

A US publisher of text books on pre-hospital emergency care.                       

–          National Register of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT)

The US national register pre-hospital emergency care.  Useful site for those interested in developing a career in the US or pursuing further education.

–          EKG Resource

An ECG practise website with useful exercises and tests.

–          Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog

Another useful site with exercises and tests for 12-Lead interpretation.

–          Heartpoint Arrhythmias

A site that deals with cardiac arrhythmias and how to recognise them. For the beginner.

–          Trauma Medic

A really entertaining site with exercises for everyone from beginners to the most experienced.  Loads on anatomy and physiology. 

–          Emergency Care Ltd

An Irish source for all types of medical supplies and equipment.

–          Inner Body

An interactive site dealing with anatomy and physiology in considerable detail. Way more than you will need for EMT levels but good for basic anatomy and getting a feel for how it all ‘fits’ together.

–          UK Ambulance Technician Study

A free UK website providing useful study and revision aids on aspects of the UK IHCD Ambulance Technician Training Programme.

–          Smart Medic

A US site with hundreds of MCQs. Although some are not relevant to your CPGs in Ireland the vast majority are relevant.

–          EMT Resource

A US site with helpful study notes definitions, anatomy, acronyms and other useful background on EMT and Paramedic level interventions.

–          HSE’s Intercultural Guide

An excellently detailed and really useful guide to providing patient-centered care to people from a wide range of nationalities, ethnic groupings and religious affiliations. Well worth a read.

 –          Pronunciation Site

Brilliant site if you’re not sure how to pronounce something.  Try it.  Type the word and listen – works for all English words (and several other languages too). Especially useful for pronouncing medical terminology you come across in text books but have never heard pronounced – avoid the embarrassment of mispronouncing those long words!