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Why Choose Medicall Emergency Medical Training (MEMT) for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training?

When it comes to investing in your future by signing up to undertake an Emergency Medical Technician training course, it is vitally important that you choose the right training provider.

When it comes down to the very basics, it is about getting "Bang for your Buck". This requires a balance of reasonable course fees, excellent course content and high success rates. At MEMT, our course offering is second to none on both course content and student success rate and is comparable with our competitors on course fees. This all combines to ensure that we offer the very best return for the money that is paid by our students.

At MEMT, we are confident that we are the right choice to be your EMT Training Institute/Provider.

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We are basing this on the following reasons:

 1.     Equipment 
 2.     Content 
 3.     Faculty 
 4.     Clinical Placements 
 5.     Course Materials 
 6.     Online Learning Platform 

Let us take you through each of the above reasons in greater detail, so that you will be able to see why we believe that we are the leading provider of EMT Training:

1. Equipment

When it comes to equipment, MEMT have an extensive, varied and unbeatable selection of equipment, from the very basics (bandages/dressings/etc.) right up to the most state-of-the-art hi-tech manikins and simulation equipment.

How useful is it when training to be able to see actual vital signs display on monitoring without having to ask "what should I be seeing here" or being told "ignore that display, what you would be seeing is ... "?

Among our range of equipment are life-size, interactive manikins (Yes, they can actually talk back to you and answer questions) that can simulate a true patient interaction, as well as our iSimulate monitors, which allow for scenario-appropriate vitals to be shown while using live patients - hyper realism at it's very best.

To see an overview of our training equipment, why not click over to our Training Equipment Overview page here (Opens in a new Window/Tab).





2. Content

All EMT Courses are the same, right? Unfortunately, that is so very not true. At MEMT, our priority is your ability to practice as an EMT once you have completed the course, not just getting you through the exam. As a result, we have tailored our course to ensure that we are offering the best possible training to all of our students.

Our Emergency Medical Technician course exceeds the minimum number of hours required for the PHECC EMT Training Standard. This is done so that we can include some additional items, all at no extra cost to our students. These additional items are:


 -   Cardiac First Responder - Advanced (CFR-A
    -   CPR-based training course
    -  Includes practitioner level skills (BVM, Oxygen, Airway Adjuncts, etc.)
 -  Patient Moving & Handling (PH)  
    -   Covers the theory involved in manual handling, both inanimate and animate loads
    -   Practical section starts with inanimate loads and progresses to animate handling
    -   A variety of situations are covered, including Emergency Moves and Non-Emergency Moves
    -   Real life equipment is used to show best practices
 -   Paediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilisation (PEARS)
    -   This one-day American Heart Association (AHA) course
    -   It is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of all Healthcare Professionals
    -   The focus is on efficiently evaluating, and effectively managing the condition of seriously ill infants and children
    -   The concept is to reduce the mortality and morbidity of paediatric patients
 -   Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services (GEMS
    -   We are increasingly faced with an aging population
    -   Experts agree that the vast majority of patients encountered in pre-hospital in Ireland are falling into the category of geriatric
    -   This means we must ensure that our future EMTs are able to appropriately assess and manage this unique population segment
    -   Course specially designed to focus on understanding the needs, anatomy, physiology and management of geriatric patients

This means that our students actually receive up to five certificates upon successful completion of the course. And we are the only approved private training provider in the country who are able to offer both the PEARS and GEMS courses.


3. Faculty

We hand pick our faculty to ensure that they meet the highest of standards in order to guarantee the quality of the course that our students receive.

All instructors on our EMT Courses are highly experienced Medical Practitioners, either in the In-Hospital (Doctors/Nurses) or Pre-Hospital (Advanced Paramedics/Paramedics/Emergency Medical Technicians) environments, with some having experience in both.

They are all holders of PHECC Educational Awards at a minimum of Assistant Tutor level. 

We also firmly believe in faculty development and work closely with each member of our faculty to facilitate additional training in extra disciplines, so that they can deliver a greater variety of training, which further enhances our offering.



4. Clinical Placements

We are the only private Recognised Institution that has it's own Ambulance Service. This means that your clinical placements are carried out with us in our state-of-the-art fleet. Our students can look forward to getting real and practical experience interacting with patients in a variety of different settings/situations. Our crew members are all experienced Pre-Hospital Practitioners who are experienced in mentoring students while on placements.

Additionally, instead of restricting students to just the minimum required forty hours of placements, we actually offer students the opportunity to avail of an additional forty hours, to ensure that they can get as much practice as they would like.

And not forgetting that we are truly nationwide in our ambulance coverage. We have vehicles based in strategic locations around the country, so we can facilitate placements in multiple locations around the country.


Some examples of the feedback that we have received from students following their clinical placements:

"Last week i had the opportunity to attend for Placement Monday to Friday. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everybody most sincerely for accommodating me each day. I thoroughly enjoyed my week and really learned a lot. What I found most significant was the professionalism with which the Ambulance crews attended their job. It was fantastic to see people who enjoyed what they did, have a bit of craic with the patients and among themselves yet be 100% professional in their clinical dealings. Thanks Lads I really enjoyed the week."


"I just completed my placement with Medicall last week and I would just like to thank everyone in Medicall who made my week there so a great experience. Every member of your staff were very friendly and helpful and more than willing to give me advice and guidance. Thanks again"





5. Course Materials

All of our students receive their course materials at the start of the course.

These materials include:

 1.   EMT Course Textbook  
 2.   CPGs Book  
 3.   GEMS Textbook  
 4.   PEARS Textbook  
 5.   OSCE Book  
 6.   Student Kit:  
   -   Belt Pouch 
   -   Paramedic Shears 
   -   Pupil Torch 
   -   Pen (Anyone in the medical profession will tell you how vital and valuable these are!!) 
   -   Stethoscope 
   -   Sphygmomanometer 
   -   Pocket Face Mask 
 7.   Shirts (x2) 
 8.   Trousers
 9.   ID Badge 



Student Kit Shirts Trousers


6. Online Learning Platform

We utilise an Online Learning Platform (Moodle) to supplement and support the learning/development of our students. Among the many benefits/key features of this platform are:

 -  Access to the presentations used throughout the course  
 -  Access to additional materials, including:  
    -  Study guides 
    -  Useful videos 
    -  External resource links 
    -  Online Quizzes designed to assess student progress throughout the course 
 -  Quizzes replicate the PHECC MCQs in format and layout, so students get used to the methods and techniques involved 
 -  A course News Forum, where MEMT Training Staff and Faculty can post information for students  
 -  A course Discussion Forum allows students to communicate with each other and the course tutors
 -  Access to Moodle is maintained for a minimum of two years from course commencement




Should you wish to discuss any of the above with us, or indeed make a booking for one of our upcoming courses, please get in touch:

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