Ambulance Equipment

We, in Medicall Ambulance Service, are known for our willingness to source and invest in new technology and innovative techniques to deliver the safest services possible. We continuously seek out new and improved diagnostic, therapeutic and patient comfort equipment from across the world.

Equipment Checks

One of the core functions carried out on every single shift is checking the vehicle and equipment to ensure that the vehicle, equipment and stock are fully ready to respond and care for our patients. We have refined our checks – to be both effecient and effective, to ensure that our crews can be confident that everything they need will be ready and available for them throughout their shift.

Infection Control

One of the most important areas of patient care, and therefore vital from an equipment standpoint, is infection prevention and control. We utilise the Ozone and UV system to decontaminate our vehciles, along with hand sanitising stations for our crew members and disinfecting wipes for additional cleaning of surfaces and equipment. We also use single-patient disposable patient bedding that is designed to prevent cross-contamination.

Fully Stocked Response Equipment

We ensure that our vehicles are fully equipped with all necessary response equipment. in practical storage compartments and grab bags. Each piece of equipment is assessed to ensure that it is fit for purpose and is stored in as appropriate a location as is possible.

The Lifepac 15

The Lifepack 15 cardiac monitor/defibrillator has 12-lead ECG capabilities and can provide ST-trending for STEMI patients – allowing early detection of potentially life threatening changes in a patient’s cardiac condition. The device is also capable of cardio-version, pacing, monitoring of SpO2, carbon monoxide and methemoglobin levels and provides non-invasive blood pressure monitoring – all on board an ambulance on its way to an Emergency Department.

Electrically Operated Stretchers

Our fleet is equipped with the Stryker MXPro electrically operated ambulance stretcher. With a 318kg/700lb capacity, these stretchers can safely assist with bariatric patients while vastly improving patient and crew safety in all circumstances by removing the need for crews to physically lift a patient. Fully configurable to suit the positional needs of our patients, these stretchers are the specially desgined to maximise patient comfort and safety.
Interior Side

Track-based Stair Chairs

Our fleet is equipped with the Stryker track-based Stair Chair. These chairs can safely assist with moving patients down sets of stairs, vastly improving patient and crew safety in all circumstances by reducing the need for crews to physically lift a patient.
RHS Interior

CombiCarrier II

The CombiCarrierII functions as a scoop-type stretcher minimizing patient movement with no logrolling required, and also serves as an improved extrication board during vehicle extrication situations. The concave patient surface limits lateral movement of the victim providing more secure stabilization. The split-litter design also allows for easy removal once the patient is on the ambulance stretcher or delivered to the emergency department should that be desired to meet the latest protocols.

Intra-aortic Balloon Pump Locking System and Back-Up Power Supply

In co-operation with major cardiac catheterisation laboratory staff, Medicall Ambulance Service have designed a patented locking system which safely secures these vital devices during emergency transports. Cleverly designed to keep pump and stretcher from seperating at all stages of these critical transfers, this system is unique to Medicall Ambulance and is not available to our competitors.
All our vehicles are fitted with inverters allowing us to provide 220/240v power supply during the transport. This removes the need to rely on battery power alone, provides system redundancy and vastly improves patient safety.

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