Our Ambulance Fleet

Our Fleet

Medicall Ambulance has a long-standing policy of fleet renewal, ensuring that our vehicles remain state-of-the-art and incorporate the latest safety features. Our fleet consists of Renault Master ambulances. This fleet allows Medicall Ambulance to remain at the forefront of ambulance service delivery in Ireland.

Our fleet is fully equipped to the highest national standards for emergency ambulances and subject to regular audits and inspections by the various private health insurers, client hospitals and statutory agencies.

All vehicles are fitted with multiple digital driving cameras for safety.

100% of the fleet is dynamically tested and 'certified' to CEN 1789/2000 Standard

100% of our fleet is fitted with air conditioning for patient comfort

100% of the fleet is fitted with air suspension for safety and patient comfort

Average fleet age of 2 years

All vehicles are equipped with EURO 5 & 6 turbo diesel engines - the latest environmentally friendly engines available

Medicall ambulances are designed and built to our own unique and exacting specifications. The versatility of this ‘fit-out’ permits us to transport incubators, intra-aortic balloon pumps and other, often difficult to transport, items of medical equipment safely and securely.

Every one of our vehicles is fitted with an inverter, providing an on-board 220/240v power supply. This feature allows the use of standard hospital equipment such as ventilators, incubators, suction units, infusion pumps, etc. during a transport. Knowing this, our client hospitals’ Clinicians routinely engage us to transfer seriously ill patients with the peace of mind that comes from using standard hospital equipment they know and are familiar with.