The EMT-BTEC course is offered to existing PHECC-registered EMTs who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. They operate (either paid or voluntary) on behalf of a PHECC CPG Approved Organisation that is prepared to privilege them at EMT-BTEC level.
  2. They wish to complete a short CPC course, designed to allow them to obtain 3 CPC Points towards their PHECC EMT CPC Portfolio.

The course does not automatically allow any EMT to practice at EMT-BTEC level. That can only be done once their organisation recognises their qualification and privileges them directly.

The course covers the required knowledge and skills to reach competency at the EMT-BTEC skills.

The course is delivered via blended learning. There is an instructor-led didactic session, which takes three hours. This is then followed by an online session, where candidates revise the material and complete a theory-based exam. Once they have successfully passed the theory-based exam, then can claim their electronic certificate.

The course fee is €70.

To book a place or for further information: