Job Training

Company Application Process

Thank you for taking an interest in joining Medicall Emergency Medical Training.

With a faculty of over 50 Instructors and training taking place all across the Country, we are always on the look-out for outstanding individuals to join our faculty.

You can express an interest in joining us by completing our application process.

We can promise you an interesting and challenging time with us, as well as the opportunity to develop your skills and competencies into our full range of courses.

What we expect of you:

  • You must have, at minimum, a full Class B driver’s licence with no endorsements and you must have held that licence for a minimum of 2 years.
  • You must be a minimum of 23 years of age at your last birthday for motor insurance purposes.
  • You should be CRO-registered.
  • You must hold in-date certification for any course that you intend to teach. Valid certification must be maintained at all times.
  • The demand for instructors can be unpredictable by its nature.
  • No guarantees of work can or will be made. Offers of teaching days will be on a course needs basis and will be allocated based on company needs.
  • You may be required to drive considerable distances as part of the course delivery (e.g., Dublin to Galway and back in a single day). Any other work/driving responsibilities – including those under the European Working Time Directive – should be borne in mind when considering applying to us. Driver fatigue would obviously be of very serious concern.
  • Obviously, if you are currently working for a competitor as an instructor, this would not be ideal. However, it will not prevent you from also working for us. We would be insistant that, while delivering training on our behalf, you operate as though we are the sole company that you are working for and not attempt to sway students towards competitors.

What you can expect of us

  • Access to advanced pre-hospital emergency training and career development opportunities that no other training provider in Ireland can match.  
  • Work practises and a working environment that are the best in the sector.
  • The chance to work with the very best, up-to-date equipment.

Assessment & Selection Stages:

Stage 1 (Initial Expression of Interest):

Email us at attaching the following documents:

    • A recent CV/cover letter.
    • Copy of your driver’s licence (front and back)
    • Copies of all relevant instructor certificates.
    • Proof of PHECC/NMBI/IMC registration.

Stage 2 (Assessment):

As and when vacancies arise we will contact selected candidates and invite them to Stage 2 (Assessment).  This Stage is divided into 4 parts:

  1. An interview, consisting of a general discussion of your career to date, your suitability for employment with the company and your knowledge of the company’s activities and training services generally.
  2. A detailed check of your knowledge of regulations/structures concerning the topics/courses you teach.
  3. A driving assessment.
  4. Validation of all Certifications and PHECC/NMBI/IMC Registration, Garda Vetting Process and Reference Check.

Stage 3 (Induction)

If you are successful at Stage 2, you will be invited to Stage 3 (Induction Programme) which will be run at our Headquarters in Dublin.  This normally covers areas such as:

    • familiarisation with company policies and procedures.
    • the safe operation of company vehicles.
    • operation of company equipment, including AV and simulation manikins.

Stage 4 (Probation) 

This final Stage consists of a number of days of supervision, teaching under observation, followed by an ongoing assessment of your suitability for the position. The duration of ongoing assessment will be dependant on performance and frequency of training delivery.